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Moving Insurance

We want to help you avoid the pitfalls of the transportation industry by educating you regarding insurance options for your move.

Understanding how the insurance for your move works, doesn’t have to be complicated. This page exists to share critical information about coverage options and to avoid common misconceptions about the coverage that is included at no additional costs for for local moves.

You can purchase affordable FULL VALUE PROTECTION for your move by calling Baker International at (940) 270-3200 At least two days before your move.

Both parties accept some responsibility for the items that will be moved. You accept the fact that you are moving your items and that damage could occur. Of course, as a professional mover, we will do everything we can to prevent damage to your items. However, it is inevitable that sometimes things do get damaged. So the DOT has determined that movers are responsible for .60 per pound, per article.

Included in every move, free of charge is the mandated DOT coverage of .60 per pound, per article and $150,000 of cargo coverage.

What exactly does that mean?

It means that your items are covered up to $150,000 while being transported on the truck. For instance, if the truck were involved in an accident on the way to the new location, you would be covered up to $150,000.

It also means that the Department of Transportation has determined that moving companies are only liable for .60 per pound, per article. You as the customer are left with considerable exposure with this standard coverage. The transportation industry uses this release to offset the huge amount of liability that a carrier faces while handling an entire household of goods.

IMPORTANT: If your $3,000 TV only weighs 100 pounds, you will receive $60 for any damage to the TV. If you want the TV covered for full replacement value, you must purchase the Full Replacement coverage thru Baker International at least 2 days prior to your move.

Ultimately, it is up to the shipper (thats you) to properly insure all items. Movers move normal household goods. So if you have anything out of the ordinary, you must insure it or it will not be covered under the DOT mandate.

A common assumption is that full coverage is included when a moving company lists itself as licensed, bonded and insured. These terms simply mean that we carry sufficient auto, general liability and cargo coverage that the DOT requires.

You are under no obligation to purchase full value protection. Any claim for damage will be settled at .60 per pound per article. All claims are handled by an independent processor. Moving At Ease does not process claims. This is a fair, transparent, arms length settlement that provides an ethical solution to both parties involved.

You can either accept the .60 per pound, per article coverage or you can call Baker International at (940) 270-3200 and purchase Full Value Protection coverage for a nominal fee. We are a preferred and certified mover with Baker International; they will easily be able to answer your Insurance questions and provide the additional coverage desired for your move.


The following items are NOT covered under the DOT mandate. We will move the following items BUT they are NOT covered.
PBO (packed by owner) boxes and there contents, delicate or out of the ordinary items like lamps, shades, glass tables/tops, marble tables/tops, slates, taxidermy, paintings, art, framed pictures, statues, chandeliers, glass display cases, grandfather clocks, pool tables (if disassembled and crated), installed wall units, hot tubs, upright pianos, any electronics, veneer or particle board furniture (Ikea), any outdoor items including pots that may have inherent risk.

ALL OF THE ITEMS LISTED ABOVE, can be covered, if packed by a certified third party service and insured by Baker International.

The following items are NEVER covered by the mover or Baker International: Jewelry, money, gold, coins, furs, family photos, car keys, legal documents, legal documents, passports, alcohol, food, medications, computers, cell phones, files, clothing of any kind, art, statues, guns, ammo, lego sets, children’s artwork, any missing items or any personal item you deem important or valuable. Please take these items yourself if worried about them in any way.
Homeowners and renters policies also offer coverage for the valuables listed above. So its a good idea to check with your insurance agent if you need inland marine coverage for these items.

We want to help you avoid the pitfalls of the transportation industry by educating you regarding insurance options for your move.

Please call our office if you have any questions regarding how the insurance for your move works. We are happy to discuss all details of coverage so you’ll know exactly what type of agreement you’re entering into on moving day.

Moving At Ease

Critical info needed if you choose to purchase additional coverage through Baker International:

Moving At Ease registration number: 20282

Baker INTL sales department: (940) 270-3200

* You will need an estimated weight of your move if completing the policy online

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